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The Aiqun Hotel (Aiqun Dajiudian) is located at the northern bank of the Pearl River in Yuexiu District, close to Haizhu Square.

Guests can enjoy Cantonese dishes served in this Guangzhou hotel.

Various meeting rooms are also provided on the premises.

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住客评论 1353条评论     3.8分/5分 更多
  • atlantean
    Riverside veteran three-star hotel, the scenery is only. the price is right.
  • do_u_see
    Nice, but the quality of service needs to be improved.
  • buding1203
    Hotel services were good, travel around easily.
  • grxiang
    Service is good
  • e03440498
    Too old
  • e02392091
    This hotel still survive in the today's society, it's hard to believe.
  • cool1117
    Very comfortable
  • gowin
    Nice ...
  • combor
    Old hotel, sanitation is good, that is, there was a musty smell.
  • yangli2trees
    River-very good
  • E03129421
    Also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is party also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is convenient. also can, traffic is party also can, traffic is convenient. also can,Transportation very convenient.
  • e00222938
    On the edge of the Pearl River, sooner or later, you can enjoy the views of the Pearl River.
  • muma421
    Room was old
  • dsfaf
    After moving I feel pretty good, not too bad, the price is more favorable, in short, worthy of selection
  • jstar003
    Somewhat crude, night wood sleep good, air conditioning is too noisy, issued is ring voice. bath of leading also is bias side of, is. not too recommended, except live in river side somewhat views outside, wood has is feel good of. front desk service stiff, outside parking to 1601 late, too your, asked front desk has other place stopped did? also not talk I are, said this price impossible parking cheap. feel is bad, second days immediately for hotel.
  • lle789
    That's no problem
  • bbpppb
    A clean and comfortable environment, hardware devices to be improved
  • max_cai
    Too old, many services can't keep up, recommended renovation.
  • bluescamelsea
    Old hotel, Guangzhou 2010 years lived, this time simply to continue to live here, albeit rather old, but the price is not expensive, anyway, to spend the night, save money, get up in the morning next to the Datong restaurant to eat dim sum, really really wonderful, Oh
  • dtfyb
    Old but nice surroundings as a whole feels good
  • paopao_du
    Service also is is good of, attitude also is compared good of, but some equipment compared aging. hotel by with Pearl River, views is good, environment also can, compared clean, air is fresh. hotel near on has bus platform, travel is convenient of. Terminal is near, on in river side Shang, to haizhu Park Metro mouth more near, facilities relative old crude a points.
  • m00143068
  • Adeline819
    Come again.
  • asladagu
    Riverview room decoration is old, the rooms are clean, comfortable, night pretty
  • encrypt1977
    Convenient, quiet Pearl River. the equipment is too old, too old, too smelly. a smell taste terrible, long enclosed with no Windows that open the smell from carpet, especially unpleasant for a friend in the hospital family stay, really frightened, will come later.
  • lingyu
    Just check-in service at a particularly bad and indifferent, we lived in the old buildings, no one told in the right direction, looking for a whole half an hour to find the room, asking the way no one pay any attention, in short, never live twice, too bad
  • jacob-wang
    Historic hotels, as can be seen in the maintenance
  • E03333721
    Environment is very good except for a long while no hot water
  • Firenoodle
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • Arlington
    Old hotel, health, hotel services, facilities are not human
  • leedswinds
    Very good
  • Cyril
    Is located in the downtown area, a quiet, located in Pearl River, watching the River, feeling soft and comfortable, the surrounding environment an absolute advantage! renovated facilities, sanitary cleaner
  • violet1992
    Work place, lived in the future to facilitate travel
  • Maynard0953
    Facilities old; antique phone?, door, wardrobe, TV cabinet, bedside table, bathtub are quite old, yellow has. health status; except bath with of feet pad is dirty outside, other also make do, depressed of is in bathroom found a only centipede, but just basin in, immediately pour toilet rushed go has. has window, can as to Sun, somewhat noisy. shower and wash basin leading water too small. fair prices soared outrageous, live came in many days of also not to by price continued live, obviously catch guest
  • jessie_money
    Help the old book, Riverview good facilities a bit stale, service was OK.
  • tanjingjing05
    Next to the hotel is located in Pearl River, location is quite good, but outdated equipment, health described as dirty, the waiter service was very poor, not recommended for other people.
  • astro bear
    Convenient, quiet location
  • aonejing
    Downstairs is the Zhongshan hospital
  • lemonanna
    I spent nearly a week in a row, just enter a bit old, but good in every way, the traffic is very convenient, next to the Riverside of Pearl River is very addictive!
  • appiebs
    Worse, generally poor, live for the first time such a bad hotel, hotels are not so bad, right? bad reception staff attitude, question answering, hear their phone turned out to be said; feed ... Rather than use professional language, entered the room first reaction is this is Hotel? old does not say, but small, carpet was dirty equipment is very old, the eyelets on the door turned out to be stuffed with tissue paper, this experience is the next to look at any hotel room to determine whether occupancy, whiteA waste of such a good location, is not recommended and will never live again.
  • freedom234
    Rooms have been refurbished, but mainly looks still retains the appearance, hotel is located in Guangzhou's central location, the hotel clean and comfortable, great service. convenience.
  • lynnin
    Location really is good, on in river side, Riverview room of landscape is good, but ~~ service really too poor has! front desk more a Word are not said, brush has how many money not said, let you lost password, is pre authorized also not told a sound, do finished card also not told you room, also not told you how go. open of room a in cold of and Icehouse as, and corridor was two a temperature, called waiter had view, waiter actually said is not you from where cold of place to, said no problem. Toss for only half a day no problem room. House is very old, bathroom very old and always feel they have cockroaches to come out.
  • bbmaya
    Used to live, because we have friends from abroad, foreigners Hotel Guangzhou has a long history of trying to live, front desk very good equipment aging. good location, view was very beautiful, nice, travel ... will choose this hotel next time.
  • gjj150
    How good the facilities than the old, easy to eat.
  • JuanJuanXY
    Near the Pearl River for a walk in the evening, hospitals convenient!
  • nelsonxusy
    Very good hotel
  • e03413203
    Shapely architectural style of the 30 's of the last century, along the sides, the traffic is very convenient
  • cui_tracy2010
    Belonging to the old equipment is very old but it also has, and great view on the edge of the Pearl River.
  • lindactt
    Oi Kwan hotel service, feels historic. hotel location is also very convenient, just on the edge of the Pearl River, walk to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road. facilities are complete, and clean. the hotel also has a long history and excellent value. morning tea and rich, beautiful river view, the transportation is convenient.
  • e03151294
    Good location, in the Pearl River, is very convenient for dinner, old hotel rooms, OK, the price OK