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e04612944score:3.5 / 52023-02-02
The old hotel has convenient transportation, and the general health service is OK
depearlscore:4.5 / 52023-01-30
There was no river view room for group purchase. It was wet. Later, it was changed into river view room. Of course, the price went up, but the river view room met the requirements
cgl81610score:5.0 / 52023-01-28
Convenient traffic
max_caiscore:2.8 / 52023-01-27
It's too old. Many services can't keep up. It's suggested to redecorate.
fangxin1990score:3.3 / 52023-01-25
Although the hotel is a little old, it is very close to the river. The old city is very convenient.
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