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Guangzhou to strengthen tourism market regulation to build quality tourism environment

Date: 2018-03-16

Tourism is the people yearning for a better life and pursuit.How to develop quality tourism, tourists and citizens more happiness and have the feeling?Upon the arrival of the "3.15" consumer rights protection day, special roll out "quality tourism better life" theme report, introduce visitors to the resident of guangzhou latest information quality in tourism, and through the analysis of the characteristics of tourist complaints recently, prompt public visitors when faced with a rich and colorful tourism products on the market, how to find their own "water mark" tourism products, enjoy the pleasure of tourism!

Promote the construction of good faith, to improve service quality

To make good faith travel agencies, is being carried out in the 600 travel agencies in the city construction of good faith travel agency.At present, the guangzhou tourism administration have evaluation of good faith travel agency 117, included in the quality good faith tour "red list" of the travel agency of guangzhou, 40, 148 Hong Kong travel."Integrity" has become a travel agencies consciously specification management, improve service quality goals.In 2018, the guangzhou tourism administration will continue to strengthen the construction of good faith travel agencies, vigorously promote guangzhou and Hong Kong tourism market regulatory cooperation, continue to promote guangzhou and Hong Kong "red list" of the good faith travel agencies assess, continuously improve the quality of travel agency service, and allows visitors to travel more secure.

The tour guide is the executor of the travel agency to plan, a direct impact on citizens tourists travel to experience.Carry forward the excellent tour guide advanced deeds, strengthen the guide practice behavior regulation, improve the professional quality of the guide, is also the focus of the guangzhou tourism administration have long work.At present, guangzhou has through electronic legally registered tour guide for a total of 18343 people.Many times in recent years, the municipal tourism administration on production safety, emergency response and civilized service as the key point, the organization carries out, including workshops, seminars and online training guide pre-service training and practice training, comprehensive guide practice supervision and inspection in guangzhou region, crackdown on illegal behavior of tour guide practice, practice to the tour guide do STH without authorization changes exist in the process of travel or refuse to perform the travel contract, recommendations or arrange substandard management place, selling goods to tourists, tipping, without the consent of the travel agency to tourists trust others to provide tour guide service and other 11 kinds of behavior, in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law to give serious treatment, and as a disciplinary object announces, promote the healthy and stable development of the guide industry.

Strengthen the tourism market regulation, maintaining the tourists' lawful rights and interests

In 2018, the guangzhou tourism administration will further improve the tourism market comprehensive supervision mechanism and diverse tourism disputes resolve work mechanism, strengthen the dock with the "12345" hotline, improve the tourism dispute mediation mechanism, perfect the tourist complaints statistics method, improve complaint handling aging and BanJieLv, improve tourist satisfaction.

To carry out the routine inspection.Fully implementing "double random, a public" system, make "festival has a patrol, usually have a spot check", continuously strengthen the tourism market order regulatory approaches, expand coverage for tourism market regulation.Strengthen group to receive, online, in overseas, the city of rural tourism market regulation, the domain of regulation on the space.

To develop the tourism market order rectification "sword action" and having putting special struggle.According to tourism market comprehensive supervision division of responsibility, take the initiative to coordinate the public security, industry and commerce, transportation, and other related functional departments of quality control, the key to strengthen "black society" "black guide" "joint" "black car" penalties, take the outcrop dozen of high-pressure situation, do find together, investigate together, to crack down on, effectively combat, precision strike, to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of market order and tourist.

Continuous governance "unreasonable low price swim" and so on.Combined with guangzhou accept and handle tourist complaints to report the case situation, focus on market, aim at "don't swim at reasonably low price", a day at the "illegal", such as governance difficulties, adhere to the online and offline regulation at the same time, examine and investigations alternates, dynamic random mutual combination of static checking, concentrated force, continue to fight, to practical results.

Improve the tourism public service, create quality tourism environment

Pay special attention to the construction of tourism toilets.In 2018, steadily promoting the construction of a new round of tourism toilets, new and renovated tourism toilet 132 (build 64 new, renovated 64).Civilization toilet vigorously propaganda guidance, continuously organized toilet revolution observe investigations, the introduction of social supervision and evaluation mechanism, to A level scenic spots continue to practice the system of "one ticket veto" toilet revolution.

Improve the tourism infrastructure construction.Improve the tourism traffic sign system, according to the principle of practical use, promoting the construction of tourist service center is reasonable.Specification and distributing centre of tourism management, strengthen the existing nine tourism hub operation tracking guidance.Strengthen the tourism information consultation center operations management, in accordance with the "operation specification, service quality, management innovation", the goal of building the domestic first-class travel information consultation center, efforts to build guangzhou city tourism image "window", offers visitors a more comfortable, convenient and thoughtful tour service.

Issuance of guangzhou city travel CARDS.Guangzhou city tourism card covers more than 14000 sets of guangzhou city bus, and across the network of guangzhou metro, BRT, water ferry, APM and streetcars, and the whole city more than 100 tourism scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, to provide tourists "ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment integrated service", the in the tourism, business, shopping and public transportation seamless connection, realize the one card in hand, swim in guangzhou.

Increase the intensity of tourism environment regulation.Continue to carry out special tourism environment action, focus on internal and external environment coordinated development, an international hotel focus on environmental health and human services, to create A more safe and more orderly more clean and tidy city tourism environment.