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After the festival, the price of air tickets in many destinations fell by nearly 40%

Date: 2021-05-14

On May 13, qunar and other tourism enterprises released the data of off peak travel, showing that there are still many people who choose off peak travel after the festival. At the same time, a large number of cheap air tickets and hotel products also attract the attention of many tourists, and businesses also take the opportunity to start a new wave of marketing. According to qunar data, the average booking price of domestic air tickets for travel from May 12 to June 11 was 653 yuan, down 14% month on month. At the same time, the price is nearly 40% cheaper than the average price of air ticket booking for the May Day holiday, about 300 yuan.

On the other hand, according to the data released by Feizhu, the popularity of tourism will not decrease after May Day this year, and the off-season of traditional peak shifting tourism will not fade. After the festival, the number of tourism bookings will increase by 70% year on year, reaching a new high, and the travel cost of several popular destinations will be half lower than that of May Day.

At the same time, recently, Ctrip also officially launched the red tourism channel of "reliving the extraordinary years and pursuing the red journey". Ctrip data shows that the key words of "red tourism" increased about 7 times during the May Day period compared with the same period in April. Compared with the same period in 2019, the number of registered red tourist attractions has increased by about 375%.