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With VR Cheng Yilong online reservation to lead a new direction for hotel reservation

Date: 2018-09-29

National Day holiday will come, in the domestic market is also the peak tourist season, many of the popular tourist destination hotel bookings will reach a peak.Because the room is incomplete information provided by the hotel, text introduction, photo show certain differences with the actual, cause in the consumer psychological gap, poor experience.

With Cheng Yilong in micro letter in the near future to do this, the purse in the "hotel" channel launched VR booking function, to provide users with immersion hotel reservation service, no dead Angle viewing room can be 360 degrees full picture and detail, more real and comprehensive understanding of hotel rooms information, to better meet the personalized needs of users, enhance the user experience.

It is understood that the VR reservation by Cheng Yilong and such as joint, USES a 3 d imaging cloning technology, through 3 d space camera acquisition of three-dimensional point cloud data and color data, then through the algorithm to generate the three-dimensional structure of the space, the formation of 1:1 size of 3 d imaging space.At present, VR booking has been first officially launched more than 100 hotel in chengdu.

"Users before booking the hotel, basically see text introduction and pictures show, but they all have some limitations, such as not intuitive, Angle of fixed, such as a corner, result in some users' expectations and actual experience many gap."With the relevant person in charge of Cheng Yilong said, by contrast, VR reservation free operation, flexible perspective, can simulate the real viewing experience.

In search hotel list, if the hotel on the left side of the head figure with VR logo, means that the hotel has launched VR booking function, and the actual operation is simple, easy to use.In each launched VR booking hotel rooms, are the center of the room, the window, the bathroom bath, and other VR view point, almost every two steps can have a view point for switch.When a user enters a view point, rotate mobile phone can ground of 360 degree view, page browsing speed quickly, the picture is clear, to the whole picture and details of guest room can be clear at a glance.

Along with the advent of the era of mobile phone 5 g network and the popularity of large flow package, VR booking will also be an important reference factors in the future hotel reservation."Hope that through our reservation at the hotel aspects of exploration, to upgrade the tourism industry service to provide a new thinking, new direction, the future we will continue to introduce new thinking, new technologies continue to improve the user experience, to provide users with the 'choice of worry, order of ease, live in comfort' intelligent accommodation reservation service."

It is understood that in order to guarantee user experience during Mid-Autumn festival, National Day period, with Cheng Yilong to upgrade hotel reservation service.For users to get to the hotel front desk told full booking room, there is no room to arrange and coordinate with Cheng Yilong according to the order in fruit, undertakes to give consumers in 15 minutes treatment scheme, and prioritize consumers in the original room check-in hotel upgrade.Such as in the original hotel without room upgrade arrangement, with Cheng Yilong will recommend users around the same level or other suitable for hotel, at the same time pay consumers actually stay in the hotel with the original order amount of all of the price difference, but the first night room rate is highest do not exceed the original order.